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Crafted By Gigi is a small business created by a young artist who wanted her shared love of fashion and digital art to be combined into products which you see here on the website. Through many days worth of designing and editing, she now can present to you the ever-growing and ever-changing collection of designs, hand-drawn and originally created by Georgia (Gigi). She hopes for whatever design(s) you choose to be a great item to add to your wardrobe and everyday outfits!

"It is hugely important to me that in my collection there is something for everyone, style-wise and fit. I understand how frustrating it can be to find something great and it isn't in your size so I have tried to include as many sizes in each of my products as possible" - Georgia 

The team

 Although we often use words such as "we", "our" & "team", Crafted By Gigi is *currently* primarily a solo ran business but we do receive much help and support from people around us and fellow small businesses. This means, majority of the time, Georgia will design, print and ship your orders as well as keep the website up to date, keep active on social media and respond to customers. This is, as you can imagine, a lot of work for one person so understand there could be small delays time to time.

Although small, ensure everything is done with proper care and professionalism with sourcing, what we feel, is the best quality garments & resources to support the production of our products which reflects in our prices. All production takes place in our home studio, fit with a heatpress, Cricut cutting machine and quality HP printer all of which is tested on a daily bases to ensure everything is running up to quality standards.



 Sustainability is a huge factor in our business meaning whenever we make a decision around sourcing items that aid our business, we want to make sure it aligns with our values and protecting the planet. We use as little plastic as possible and recycle whatever we do use along with reusing as much as possible. To keep plastic away from our oceans, rivers and landfills, EverRose&Co use biodegradable shipping bags made from plant starch that naturally break down over time & do not use any unnecessary packaging when shipping your orders. 

To stop waste, we use as much of our materials and leftovers as we can without it effecting our quality and buy in bulk to cut down on excess CO2 emissions from shipping multiple supplies orders. We also make a strong attempt to only buy from suppliers with low to neutral CO2 emissions and suppliers who also share the same values with sustainability in their businesses. 



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